Talking Dead Recap : Fear the Walking Dead 206


Jim Gaffigan, Tamera Mowry-Housley and Mercedes Mason joined Chris Hardwick in the loft for Talking Dead to discuss Fear the Walking Dead.

The three of them had fun talking about how crazy Celia is. Because of the owl symbols, there were lots of owl puns on the internet. There was some disagreement about Chris and whether he is really snapping or if he is just having some trouble coping.

Kim Dickens spoke on a clip about how the Strand/Madison relationship was strengthened by finding out that Strand had a partner and someone he cared about at the house who was bitten. Seeing him in a different emotional state and sharing an experience with him without words showed that they do have a like for each other.

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They all could get behind the Nick and Ofelia as a possible relationship, after realizing Hardwick really did mean Ofelia and not Celia. Jim Gaffigan was completely unaware of the abbreviation of relationship as ship and using it as a verb as in “to ship” a couple. But he would ship Nick and Ofelia even though he wouldn’t use that term. This was a great trio of guests.

Mercedes thinks Ofelia’s biggest fear at this point is being alone. Losing her mom was tough. Losing her father would put her out. She has been quiet this season observing the others.

Jim Gaffigan wants to cross over into the show from Talking Dead the way Alex crossed over from Flight 462. Chris Hardwick broke the news that it didn’t work that way. But the internet shipped Jim with the pozole.

The couch group discussed Strand and why he did what he did. Colman Domingo talked in a clip about what he thought. He didn’t think Strand was romantic enough to kill himself in a pact, but he was strong enough to take him out of his misery.

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Next week for the midseason finale, Gale Anne Hurd and Cliff Curtis will join 2 surprise cast members for Talking Dead one hour later than usual due to the premiere of Preacher on AMC after an all day marathon of Fear.