Fear The Walking Dead ratings up for episode 206

Thomas Abigail and the church - Fear The Walking Dead, AMC
Thomas Abigail and the church - Fear The Walking Dead, AMC /

Fear The Walking Dead is starting to gain back some of their audience, as the show posted the biggest increase in the most coveted ratings demographic.

There are many folks out there who have given up on Fear The Walking Dead. And honestly, they are entitled to make their own decisions on which television shows to watch. However, it appears as though some of those viewers who had once thrown in the towel on the series are returning to check it out.

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With only one week to go before the season 2 midseason finale of AMC’s zombie companion series, the show is becoming what many hoped it would be. The characters are being developed in a fun, smart way and the stories are familiar, but unique to the setting of the story. This was one of the major advantages of episode 206 of Fear The Walking Dead titled ‘Sicut Cervus’.

In fact, ‘Sicut Cervus’ brought back a large amount of viewers to the show. According to TV By The Numbers, the show grew by 1.4 points in the coveted 18-49 demographic, increasing their viewership among that age group from 2.1 to 3.5. Not only that, but 2.1 million more viewers tuned in overall to episode 206 of Fear The Walking Dead, which is impressive for a midseason episode.

The 67% day-7 increase shows that Fear The Walking Dead still has a lot of potential growth to go. Fans seem to be encouraging their friends to tune in to the show, and this means good things for the AMC drama’s future.

Sadly, this increase comes with the season 2 midseason finale just around the corner. Hopefully, fans won’t forget about this series or lose interest during the break and the show can return to AMC following Preacher‘s run and be another powerhouse for AMC.

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You can watch AMC’s Fear The Walking Dead‘s season 2 midseason finale when ‘Shiva’ airs on May 22, 2016 at 9 pm/8c. For fans who need to catch up, episodes of the program can be seen on Hulu’s online video streaming service one day after the initial airing.