The Walking Dead Attraction teaser and poster released

The Walking Dead Attraction promo art
The Walking Dead Attraction promo art /

A new teaser video and poster have been released for The Walking Dead Attraction, which will make its debut on July 4, 2016 at Universal Studios Hollywood.

A while back, it was announced that The Walking Dead would be the focus of a new attraction at Universal Studios in Hollywood. After a bit of a wait, we finally know a lot more about what that experience will be like and when fans can expect it to be available.

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Thanks to an article on, we now know that the attraction will “come to life” on July 4, 2016 and will have a great experience planned for those who attend. Not only was a great new teaser poster for the attraction released, but a teaser video is also now available.

First, let’s take a look at the poster promoting The Walking Dead Attraction at Universal Studios Hollywood:

The Walking Dead Attraction - Universal Studios Hollywood
The Walking Dead Attraction – Universal Studios Hollywood /

For those worrying that this is some kind of cheap attempt to cash in on The Walking Dead‘s success, they should rest assured knowing that executive producer and VFX guru Greg Nicotero has a hand in the project to help ensure fans have the best experience possible.

"“We’re getting a chance to do animatronic characters that we’ve never done before,” Nicotero explains. “We’re getting a chance to use molds that were created specifically for the show and translate them into parts of the attraction. It’s one of a kind, state of the art. I can’t wait.”"

For a little more on how these characters will relate to the show, check out this video from the Universal Studios Hollywood YouTube account talking about using the designs for “Bicycle Girl” zombie as well as others in the attraction:

Universal Studios hopes to give fans as authentic of an experience as possible when the attend The Walking Dead Attraction, and that is something creative director John Murdy is working hard to achieve.

"“As designers of the attraction, one of the things we’re always striving for is authenticity,” says Murdy."

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You can experience The Walking Dead Attraction at Universal Studios Hollywood starting on July 4, 2016. It should be a fantastic way to live through one of the most popular shows on television and live to tell about it while being in one of the most fun places on Earth.