The Walking Dead: Eaglemoss figurines collection

Eaglemoss The Walking Dead Figurine Collection
Eaglemoss The Walking Dead Figurine Collection /

Eaglemoss offers a Collector’s Model series of The Walking Dead figurines based on the mega hit AMC television zombie series.

The collection boasts many of the most popular characters as well as the villainous Governor and one of the grossest walkers of all time, and include an informative booklet about your character, the collection, the process of the figurine development, and photos.

The metallic resin figurines are hand painted in 1:21 scale showing the character in an iconic pose. There is a multiphase process that includes input and approval from AMC. Artist sketches, sculptors, reference photographs, digital scans, 3D printing, and molds are utilized on the way to creating the final product.

I ordered the Water Walker because of my fondness for walkers and to investigate the content of the booklets. The collection so far, according to my booklet, includes Rick, Daryl, Michonne, The Governor,  Water Walker, Tyreese, Carol, Glenn, Merle, Sasha, Father Gabriel, Abraham, Rosita,  Maggie, Hershel, Morgan, Shane, and Beth.

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Some of the positives of the Eaglemoss collection:

  • I like the small size and that they stand in their own. They make for a nice space-saving collection for a small area on a desk or shelf.
  • The detail is very nice.
  • The booklet has some nice information and photos.
  • For convention goers the booklet can be signed and you can still display the figurine.
  • Some characters available that are not usually available in other forms; hopefully, even more variety coming.

As a walker lover I have a few things I’d like to address for The Walking Dead fans. The booklet did a nice job at describing the episode when the walker debuted and describing the walker, but it was disappointing to see that it listed the actor as unknown.

Stephen Vining Kevin Wasner. Water walkers. The Walking Dead. AMC.
Stephen Vining.  Kevin Wasner. Water walkers. The Walking Dead. AMC. /

As a measly blogger, I’m able to find out the actors for the main featured walkers very easily. It wouId not have been difficult to find out that the actor is Stephen Vining or just not put anything, So I will remedy that. The actor is Stephen Vining and the make up artist was Kevin Wasner.

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So if you love The Walking Dead and would like a little collection, but don’t want action figures, trading cards, posters or Pops, check out the Eaglemoss figurines for your television stand or little nook.