Fear The Walking Dead 205: Captive reader rating and response

Travis Manawa and his kidnappers - Fear The Walking Dead, AMC
Travis Manawa and his kidnappers - Fear The Walking Dead, AMC /

Just like in the lives of the characters on Fear the Walking Dead, sometimes the events of your life get in the way of how and when things are “supposed” to happen. And so, after a business trip and a week spent catching up on my life, I submit this reader response article for FTWD episode 205 (which aired on May 8) a week later than usual. Thankfully, in my case, the undead were not involved in this delay.

When episode 205 began, Madison had just rescued Strand from the lifeboat after their group had regained control of the Abigail, thanks to the arrival of Nick and Luis, who took out most of the men that Connor had had left behind to maintain control of the yacht. Alicia and Travis had been taken back to the pirates’ “headquarters,” but for what purpose, we did not yet know.

By the end of episode 205, Madison had rescued Travis and Alicia, after bringing Connor’s brother, Reid, to the “headquarters” boat – despite the fact that Reid had already turned. In all, 56% of voters gave Captive 4 stars in our poll, which was up only very slightly from the previous week’s total of 53%.

The number of viewers in the “slightly less satisfied” categories of 3 and 2 stars seemed to increase for Captive, with 20% giving it 3 stars (down noticeably from 29% the previous week) and 13% giving it 2 stars (up from 8% the previous week). The percent of voters who gave the episode 1 star remained nearly the same, going from 10% to 11% – which makes me wonder… why are they still watching the show if they’re only giving it 1 star?

Average Reader Rating: 3.21 stars out of 4

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Here’s what some readers had to say about Blood in the Streets, aka “the one where Madison saves the day.”

Fawn Liebowitz – Each episode of Fear The Walking Dead this season is better that the last one. I’m really happy it’s gotten so good.

Holly B. Osborne – Not as good as last week but improving.

Ricktatorship – 3.5 stars. I like this episode! The characters are starting to get stronger and learn from mistakes. Nick is coming forward as a strong member of the group. It was great to see them come together!

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