Fear The Walking Dead episode 208: Sneak peek teaser video

Fear The Walking Dead, AMC
Fear The Walking Dead, AMC /

Fear The Walking Dead may have a long break before the hit AMC drama returns from midseason break, but AMC can still tease a new episode with sneak peeks.

The season 2 midseason finale of Fear The Walking Dead was an intense one, where lots of action, adventure, and carnage kept fans on the edge of their seat and left them wondering what is next for the survivors following such insanity.

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Sadly, now viewers will have to wait until August for new installment of the hit zombie survival drama, but that doesn’t mean that we have to wait with nothing to help us get by. Thanks to AMC’s YouTube account, there are plenty of teases to keep us excited about the show.

Here is the sneak peek teaser for Fear The Walking Dead season 2 episode 8 as shown on the official AMC YouTube account:

The video opens with a Jeep cruising down the road. Next, we see the back of Travis’ head as a group of walkers appear to be causing a roadblock. The scene shifts to a woman talking about how the world isn’t safe, but the next thing we see is Travis pulling his gun and walking right toward the group of undead monsters, quickly switching to a scene with walkers devouring some flesh.

Up next, Nick is featured. He’s running through the woods, but there isn’t much knowledge about where he is headed or why. There is also a woman who seems to be protecting her family with a baseball bat, but what is she afraid of and why? Then, It looks like it is Nick, possibly being romantic with a blonde haired girl.

It also looks like Nick has found a way to make some drugs in the apocalypse, as he has a rock and some supplies to boil something in a spoon. Finally, it looks like a leg injury might put one of our survivors in a horrible position, as they are wounded in the middle of the road with seemingly nowhere to go.

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Fans can watch the currently untitled episode of Fear The Walking Dead when the show returns from their midseason break in August. Until then, we will just have to make do with the comic book series as well as repeats of The Walking Dead and Fear The Walking Dead or transfer our attention over to new shows like Preacher or Outcast.