Fear The Walking Dead: ‘Ghosts in the Wine Cellar’ scene

Daniel Salazar - Fear The Walking Dead, AMC
Daniel Salazar - Fear The Walking Dead, AMC /

Daniel Salazar was hearing voices on Fear The Walking Dead, but they never got as loud as when he was in the wine cellar at the the plantation in Mexico.

The season 2 midseason finale of Fear The Walking Dead was a rough one for Daniel Salazar. Not only did he have nightmares and hear voices, but he got beaten up and tied to a chair by the people running the plantation in Mexico.

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Thankfully, Daniel was able to escape from his confines, but what he did next was shocking in numerous ways. Instead of making his way to the exit of the plantation where he was being held, the hard-nosed man decided to exact some revenge on Celia as well as do what he thought was right.

The scene was a very interesting one, but in case you missed it, here is the heavily-discussed scene “Ghosts in the Wine Cellar” from Fear The Walking Dead as hosted on AMC’s official YouTube account:

Daniel gathered some gasoline and a lighter and made his way down to the wine cellar where Celia was having the walkers from her group of people being held. Opening the gas can, he walked in a straight line toward the walkers, pouring fuel on the ground as he walked. Without getting too close, he stopped and put the gas can down, looking at the group of walkers.

Digging in his pocket for the lighter, he looked at the undead coming toward him. Through the group of walkers, he saw his deceased wife Griselda walking through them and stopping in front of him. They exchanged smiles, as if to know that everything would be okay now. Daniel says the he found her, to which the ghost of Griselda says that she knew he would.

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Dropping the lighter in the gas spread across the floor, Daniel continued smiling. He watched as Griselda’s ghost went up in flames, along with several of the walkers and items in the wine cellar. As the flames grew around him and between his legs as he stood, the scene from Fear The Walking Dead came to an end.