The Walking Dead: Will season 6 win the show an Emmy?

Rick Grimes - The Walking Dead, AMC
Rick Grimes - The Walking Dead, AMC /

The Walking Dead hasn’t gotten a lot of love from the Emmy Awards in the past, but does the show’s sixth season stand a good chance at bringing home a win?

Many shows in television history were insanely popular but didn’t win awards. Great shows like Oz, The Shield, Roseanne, Married with Children and The Wire all made their entire television runs without bringing home a single Emmy win. Although The Walking Dead has won for their special effects in the past, no member of the show’s cast has brought home an Emmy award.

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Sadly, this doesn’t look like the year for the stars of AMC’s zombie survival drama , as The Walking Dead did some major things with characters and provided some of the biggest moments television during season 6, but likely didn’t do enough to draw the attention of those who make the decisions for nominations. However, that doesn’t mean the program will go winless.

For a look at the categories where The Walking Dead’s cast has the best chances to get nominated on July 14, 2016, here is a list of the opportunities they will have to win an Emmy thanks to

Best Drama Series

  • This one is a longshot, as there were many great dramas and The Walking Dead hasn’t been nominated for this honor since season 1. But there is still a small chance.

Best Prosthetic Makeup

  • AMC’s zombie show has actually won this award before, so there’s a great chance that it will receive a nomination this year, as the makeup was again one of the strongest parts of season 6.

Best Drama/Limited/Movie Stunt Coordination

  • Last year was the first year The Walking Dead received a nomination in this category, but with all the stunt work that went into season 6, it would almost be criminal for the show not to get a nomination.

Best Series Sound Editing

  • This is a category where the zombie drama has a great chance at a nomination, as they have been included in the running for four of the five previous seasons. It is likely to return for the fifth year.

Best Supporting Visual Effects

  • Much like Best Series Sound Editing, the show has only missed being nominated in this category once in the series history. It should be included in the options again this year.

Best Single-Camera Series Makeup

  • This is a category where The Walking Dead hasn’t ever received a nod, but that could change due to a lack of options in the category and a strong showing from the AMC drama.

Best One-Hour Sound Mixing

  • It seems like this is a category where The Walking Dead would be an annual nominee, but surprising the show has never been nominated for One-Hour Sound Mixing despite other awards shows showing them love. Maybe this is the year it finally happens!

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What do you think? Will AMC’s The Walking Dead receive Emmy nominations for any of the categories listed above? Will they surprise Gold Derby and nominate one of the members of the show’s cast? Or will the program get shut out of nominations? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.