The Walking Dead Red Nose Day Special Sketch

Red Nose Day. NBC. Andrew Lincoln. Norman Reedus
Red Nose Day. NBC. Andrew Lincoln. Norman Reedus /

Several of The Walking Dead cast members joined the Red Nose Day Celebration to raise money for children in poverty by participating in a sketch on the NBC show.

Many people picked up red noses from Walgreens or added red noses with the Red Nose Yourself app and posted photos on social media all day Thursday, May 26 with the hashtag #RedNoseDay to bring awareness to children’s charities and poverty.

NBC hosted a 2-hour special with stars answering phones, music performances, sketches, and comedy routines along with videos highlighting the need at home and around the world.

Stars like Julia Roberts visited sick children and talked to the parents and school nurses being helped by the money that Red Nose Day collects. Singers like Blake Shelton and Elton John performed songs with videos playing during their performances.

Our The Walking Dead Family participated in the event with a sketch. TWD family Chris Hardwick and Yvette Nicole Brown were even in the sketch.

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Red Nose Day is all about having fun and not taking things so seriously. Andrew Lincoln and Norman Reedus were standing around drinking milkshakes that had been delivered by a Yoda impersonating Josh McDermitt, musing about the stress of all the blood and gore and horror.

They decided to daydream about what it would be like to make a lighter, less gritty version of The Walking Dead. A version of The Walking Dead that might include a comedian Rosita Espinosa and a groovy 70s dance group with a bell bottom wearing Sasha.

A The Walking Dead where Merle’s hand is its own character and Carol plays the drums. Where Ross Marquand uses his skills as an impressionist and Glenn is a ventriloquist, plus many more interesting ideas that fans will understand.

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Of course, that’s not The Walking Dead.  So Norman nixed the idea with a solid, “We ain’t doing that.” And Andrew Lincoln concurred with, “Alas, we shan’t ”

It was great to see our cast from The Walking Dead in a different setting for a great cause.