The Walking Dead: Topps trading cards reveal character names

The Saviors, The Walking Dead - AMC
The Saviors, The Walking Dead - AMC /

I have been enjoying the The Walking Dead trading cards recently unveiled by Topps.  I am definitely the collector type. Not only am I trying to rack up a full collection of trading cards (digital ones now and physical ones in the fall), I am also working hastily at my Funko Mystery Minis collection. digital card trading app digital card trading app /

I find the digital card collecting to be a welcome addition to my otherwise long wait for the new season of The Walking Dead. There is the nostalgic aspect of seeing characters long gone from the series come to life again in the cards.  The history of characters comes to life as we see cards from seasons 1 through 6. For example, your collection may include Glenn in his iconic baseball cap as well as his current look from the dumpster era.

Of course seeing current characters makes me even more anxious for the new season and elicits even more theorizing about the fate of our current batch of survivors. Collecting is also a fun way to interact with other fans via the trading process itself.

As the title of this post suggests, I also think it’s fun that the trading cards reveal the names of characters otherwise unknown to me. Did you know that Denise’s Wolf friend played by Benedict Samuel was actually named “Owen”? Good to know.

The Wolf and Denise. The Walking Dead. AMC.
The Wolf and Denise. The Walking Dead. AMC. /

And how about the Savior played by Christopher Berry who so eloquently advised Abraham to “bite, chew, swallow, repeat”? It turns out his name was “Bud”, a nice friendly name to match his lovely demeanor…wink, wink.

The Walking Dead trading cards also include special collections such as those for locations (like Alexandria) and one called Smitten for couples in the series (think Maggie and Glenn). There is even a special collection highlighting kids from the series. And as you would expect, there are plenty of epic walkers in the collection!

Finally, as of May 26th, fans can add cards from companion series Fear The Walking Dead as well. I’m still waiting to score my first Madison card, but Nick and Daniel have come though for me already.

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I would encourage fans to check out the Topps card trading app for The Walking Dead. You never know what new tidbits you may discover about the series, and it’s free! Plus, who doesn’t want to hang out with their favorite post apocalyptic pals?