The Walking Dead: My first Walker Stalker Con

Walker Stalker Con
Walker Stalker Con /

Walker Stalker Con came to Chicago over Memorial day weekend and I did not miss my opportunity to attend the convention a mere 20 minutes from my apartment!

The convention kindly allowed me a press pass since I’m a blogger for FanSided’s Undead Walking and we write about conventions and all things The Walking Dead and Fear the Walking Dead so I was granted free admission and great seating at the panels and VIP line access.

This was fantastic for me in particular since I have Fibromyalgia and the con itself was hard on my feet and back and wore me out in general in the most terrific of ways. I appreciated the special treatment.

So on to my experience. Walker Stalker is the way to go if you’re a The Walking Dead fan. It’s almost pure The Walking Dead.  If you’re a fan of all comics and Star Wars and other things, you’ll still enjoy other comic cons and Wizard Worlds , etc., but Walker Stalker was right up my alley!

It never felt claustrophobic or over crowded even though there was a great turnout. It was very well-organized and friendly, There were plenty of things going on at all times in all the areas.

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There were things for kids to do like giant slides and safe archery booths. There were cosplayers, make up booths, artists, vendors and things to see and buy. And, of course, the celebrity booths for photos and autographs.

The main stage was set up for panels and there was easy access for lines and seating, The panels were fantastic. I will write about those soon as their own articles.

I have an unsolicited suggestion for Walker Stalker to consider. It is expensive and they know that. I spent more on photos than I planned and that’s okay. I got my press pass free, but I had to pay for parking, too. But here’s my suggestion.

Perhaps some of the more minor characters could combine booths in some sort of category such as Alexandria or Hilltop. Many of those actors didn’t have long lines of people and it’s NOT because people don’t want to meet them. It’s because people are rationing their money.

I know some of them wouldn’t mind meeting you and not taking a picture. I did that with Corey Brill and with Austin Amelio. But I felt funny and cheap doing that. I think that many of the actors would love to go to the Walker Stalker and meet the fans and perhaps wouldn’t mind being at the same booth with a group of their actor friends. (I could be wrong).

Perhaps, Andy and Ethan and Gregory from Hilltop together. Or Olivia, Tobin, Porchdick, and Francine and Aiden from Alexandria together. Or Tomas, Oscar, Andrew, Axel and Big Tiny from the prison. They could figure out prices for prints with autographs and an individual selfie for each actor and a price for a selfie with the group-a bargain.

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I also think the same of some of the featured walkers. I think a booth of featured walkers would have a line that would SHOCK you!

Stay with Undead Walking for more about Walker Stalker Con Chicago!

P.S. If you’re a fan of The Walking Dead,  start saving your change in a The Walking Dead cup and go to a Walker Stalker con!!