The Walking Dead: Kirkman says Negan is “ever-present” in season 7

Jeffrey Dean Morgan as Negan with his bat Lucille - The Walking Dead, AMC
Jeffrey Dean Morgan as Negan with his bat Lucille - The Walking Dead, AMC /

Robert Kirkman has been talking about season 7 of The Walking Dead and how Negan is a huge game changer for the series and our characters.

We were introduced to the larger than life comic villain during the season 6 finale. Jeffrey Dean Morgan’s portrayal of Negan did not disappoint.  What did seem to disappoint was the fact that we didn’t find out who took the blows of barbed wire wrapped baseball bat, Lucille, like a champ.

We will have to wait until October for the season 7 premiere to find out the answer to that question. Robert Kirkman is keenly aware of the fan reaction to the cliffhanger.  He promises that season 7 will be exciting for those of us that return to the show.

Kirkman thinks that the Lucille question is just the tip of the iceberg though. He told Uproxx that Negan himself is what we should be talking about. (Via Comicbook.Com)

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"“One of the side effects that I’m upset about is that people aren’t talking about Jeffrey Dean Morgan enough. I think that he is absolutely amazing as Negan. I think that his presence in that finale adds so much to the show. I know people don’t like the cliffhanger aspect of it, but I like to think that everything up to that moment was pretty amazing, and people were digging it. I think people are discounting the fact that Jeffrey Dean Morgan and Negan are in the show now, so you’re going to be seeing stuff like that pretty much every episode of season seven. Not necessarily cliffhangers. I don’t want to worry people, but Negan is going to be an ever-present, constant threat that is going to change everything moving forward. And maybe I’ve said things like that before, but I promise you, Negan is going to be different. Season seven is going to be really cool. I couldn’t be more excited about it.”"

So Negan and the Saviors are not going anywhere anytime soon it seems. It won’t be like Gareth and Terminus or the Wolves. Negan will be like The Governor only Negan has Rick and our group more broken than they ever were with The Governor. Their numbers are huge and they are brutal.

Comic readers seem extremely excited about Negan and about the Kingdom, Hilltop and Ezequiel. I’ve heard the term all out war thrown around. Season 7 has great potential.

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I agree that Jeffrey Dean Morgan is a great choice for Negan. I’m looking forward to hating him. He had a pretty amazing introduction. We were in such a hurry to meet him. We knew he was coming. It was hard being patient through Hilltop and other introductions. Hopefully, the wait and the payoff will be worth it come October.