The Walking Dead: Gregory is back in town

Ethan and Gregory - The Walking Dead, AMC
Ethan and Gregory - The Walking Dead, AMC /

Filming for season 7 of The Walking Dead is underway. Xander Berkeley, who plays Gregory, is in Atlanta now to join the fun. So we know Negan hasn’t killed him. Yet.

We met charming Gregory when our group found Hilltop, with the help of new friend Jesus, after Daryl and Rick met Jesus on a daily run to look for food, which was in short supply after the herd invasion of Alexandria last season.

Jesus introduced our group to a whole new world that exists outside of Alexandria. To paraphrase Jesus, their world got a whole lot bigger. As timing would have it, they found out who the mysterious Negan was as well on their trip to meet Gregory.

Ethan (Justin Kucsulain) had a message from Negan for Gregory, which started a chain reaction of events that led us to deal with Hilltop and got us in a heap more trouble than we ever anticipated.

Some of the group was on the way to Hilltop to get help for Maggie, when they were confronted with the consequences of their actions and their nescience and confidence. They were blind-sided at every turn with sheer numbers and unexpected power they couldn’t match or outrun. We were left as powerless and broken as they were when Negan played with them at the end.

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Although the Negan and Lucille aspect of the plot is the major cliffhanger that fans are concerned with at this point. There is much more going on in the world of The Walking Dead.  Hilltop is still a consideration. And the new community that has taken in Morgan and Carol.

Gregory is a key player. As the leader of Hilltop and someone who made a deal with Rick and Maggie that helps him with Negan, will he care what happens to Rick and the group? Will he try to bully them into keeping their promises? Will he cut his losses? Will he negotiate with the third group?

There are many possibilities. He has a complex personality and leadership style. Will he change at all because of what has happened? The apocalypse changes people. How might it change Gregory? Toward a Governor or toward a Rick? Toward a Carol or a Morgan? He’s a leader. Does he need more Deanna or more Negan? Will his Hilltop continue to follow him?

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Who knows? Only the shadow knows as the saying goes. But Gregory is back in Atlanta. October is a long way off, but we will have an exciting glimpse of something in July from San Diego Comic-Con!