Jeffrey Dean Morgan one of guests at Big Slick Celebrity Weekend

Jeffrey Dean Morgan as Negan with his bat Lucille - The Walking Dead, AMC
Jeffrey Dean Morgan as Negan with his bat Lucille - The Walking Dead, AMC /

Jeffrey Dean Morgan was seen somewhere with a baseball bat recently, but it was not on the set of The Walking Dead.  It was at Kauffman Stadium for a celebrity softball game.

The Big Slick KC Celebrity Weekend started with a trip to Children’s Mercy Hospital to visit the kids there. The patients and their families chatted with the celebrities, took pictures, colored and played games like Connect Four and Jenga.

Pediatrician in chief, Michael Artman said that the hospital diagnoses 180 children with cancer every year, which means that about every other day a family is getting sad news. Artman talked about the importance of the celebrities’ contributions:

"“You know (the hosts) for what they do, but here at the hospital we know them for not what they do but who they are. We see them as caring, compassionate, committed individuals who want to use their gifts and their talents to pay back and give back to their community.” (Via Kansas City.Com)"

Other events for the weekend include the Star Spangled Softball game before the Royals Tigers game at Kauffman Stadium,  a Red, White and Bowl tournament, and a Victory party and auction.

Other celebrities and alumni involved include Chris Daughtry, George Wendt, Haley Joel Osment, James Van Der Beek, Olivia Wilde, Aisha Tyler, Bobby Cannavale, J.K. Simmons and many more.

The Big Slick KC Celebrity Weekend started in 2010. According to the website, “it all started simply enough”…

"Back in 2010, Rob Riggle called fellow Shawnee Mission graduates Paul Rudd and Jason Sudeikis with an idea. “Let’s host a poker tournament to raise money for Children’s Mercy.” Without hesitation, they each agreed and immediately called upon their family and friends to help pull it off.With only nine weeks of planning, the Big Slick Celebrity Weekend was born. And friends like Will Ferrell, Director Adam McKay, Bobby Cannavale, George Wendt and SNL Alum Will Forte helped raise over $120,000. Since then, the guys and other celebrity guests have raised more than $3 million – mostly through sponsorships and proceeds from live auctions. Because the entire event is planned and supported by the volunteer efforts of the family, friends, and the help of Children’s Mercy staff, Big Slick tries very hard to keep expenses to a minimum and dollars directly to the kids at a maximum."

It’s great to see celebrities we love giving back to the community and to children. As fans of The Walking Dead, we always love getting to know our family of cast, producers and crew a little better and seeing them outside of the apocalypse.

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With Jeffrey Dean Morgan, we’re still starting to try to hate him. This will make it even a little harder. But he’s an actor. He’ll be able to do it. We hated David Morrissey and he’s a lovely person, too.

(VIA Kansas City.Com and