Fear The Walking Dead season 2B: What’s next for Chris and Travis?

Fear The Walking Dead left many in a horrible position after the season 2 midseason finale, but what could be coming up next for Travis Manawa?

Season 2 of Fear The Walking Dead has changed just about every character on the show, and Travis Manawa, the soft, compromising father of Chris and significant other of Madison, had to make some very tough decisions that could have major ramification on the series going forward.

Travis was faced with making one of the biggest decisions in Fear The Walking Dead history in the season 2 midseason finale. With his son becoming a danger to everyone and struggling to fit in with the other survivors, Travis left his lover and her family behind to be with him.

Now, it looks as though Travis and Chris will be left to face to undead alone. But that opens up many issues for Travis when season 2 returns from midseason break.

First, Travis has to get Chris under control. Liza’s mercy killing after being bit by a walker has sent Chris into a wild tailspin and Travis was hesitating to believe that it as bothering Chris as much as it was. For that, Travis will need to take time to talk to Chris and make him understand how to control his emotions and help him work through his issues.

But for that to happen, Travis and Chris will need to find somewhere safe to live. Of course, in the zombie apocalypse, there is no real thing as “safe” but they need somewhere for Travis to help his son. The major questions there are where they could be heading or if they could try to meet up with someone.

There are a couple of options. Perhaps they stay nearby the house was where Travis found Chris after he ran away. This would be convenient and seemed like a place where there weren’t a lot of walkers or human threat nearby. However, they could go back to the island where the Ranger Station was and may want to seek the security of chain-linked fences and take advantage of its secluded nature.

Most likely, Travis will attempt to stay near Madison. Even though he chose his son as his priority, that doesn’t mean he’ll give up on his lover and the other survivors. Hopefully, he can get Chris in line before it is too late and rejoin the group so they aren’t fractured anymore.

Fear The Walking Dead will return to AMC with the season 2 midseason premiere on Sunday, August 21, 2016. With all the splintering stories and fractured relationships, there will be a lot of pieces to pick up and several different ways the show could decide to go with the story of Chris and Travis. What do you think will happen with these two survivors? Let us know in the comments below.

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