The Walking Dead staying up to date at Universal Studios

The Walking Dead Attraction promo art
The Walking Dead Attraction promo art /

The Walking Dead Attraction opens soon at Universal Studios Hollywood, and fans can rest assured that it will keep up to date with the hit AMC zombie drama.

Universal Studios Hollywood will open their attraction based on AMC’s The Walking Dead in July. With so much material to go on over the course of the zombie survival drama’s six seasons, the attraction shouldn’t have much problem finding great ways to amuse guests based on the hit show.

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Even with all that history from the most popular show on television, Universal Studios will keep up to date on events going on in current storylines from the AMC juggernaut according to an article on

The Walking Dead executive producer and special effects guru Greg Nicotero will be helping out the folks at Universal Studios Hollywood in creating experiences that make fans feel like their experiences aren’t dated references from the show.

"“A lot of that is my responsibility because these guys [at Universal] don’t have access to the scripts or to cuts. I can at least say, ‘There’s something coming up.’ At one point the Wolves featured very heavily in the attraction,” he told me of early renderings for the attraction, adding, “The Saviors will certainly play a part [now].”"

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Adding things like the attack from The Wolves and the danger of groups like The Saviors will be an amazing addition to an ever-changing attraction. However, those looking forward to seeing the classic settings from The Walking Dead are in luck as well.

John Murdy of Hollywood Horror Nights has put a lot of work into creating these iconic scenes from the show. But upon closer inspection, fans might get even more than they bargain for with small hints of easter eggs all over the place.

"“From an Easter egg perspective, we kind of went crazy,” said Murdy. “That’s because if you’re doing a scene in a hospital or prison and the environment’s trashed and there’s paper all over the ground and you’re looking down and there’s a newspaper or something, it should mean something. It should be real, it should reference real events and characters in the show, so everywhere you go in the attraction there are literally hundreds of Easter eggs that we’ve designed and hidden in the attraction. You’ll never find them all.”"

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Casual fans of the show can visit and enjoy experiencing the feel of AMC’s hit show while some hardcore fans can look around and try to find some of these great Easter Eggs that are hidden all around The Walking Dead Attraction at Universal Studios Hollywood. There should be a little something for everyone when it opens on July 4, 2016.