Highlighting The Walking Dead’s Season 6 Walkers: Metal Head

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Season 6 of The Walking Dead featured many memorable walkers, but there were some that really stood out. Let’s look at some of these. Meet Metal Head.

Eugene and Abraham went on a secret mission of Eugene’s that had more ups and downs than his Tennessee waterfall, which was in a little pony tail for this excursion.

Eugene failed to convince Abraham that he had adapted and changed and become a survivor as Eugene tried to repeatedly report to his superior officer friend.

Eugene managed to impress Abraham though with his “damn fine genuine outside-of-the-box thinking” about manufacturing bullets in this warehouse using his skill set of “just knowing things.”

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Then communication broke down again after Eugene called dibs on Metal Head and Abraham didn’t respect the Dibs and stepped in and saved Eugene making him feel inept.

Metal Head walker. Coleman Youmans. The Walking Dead. AMC
Metal Head walker. Coleman Youmans. The Walking Dead. AMC /

In fairness, Eugene’s walker was a doozy! Metal Head was one of the coolest walkers to date. He had a magnificent pewtery lead helmet that was melted onto his head like his head was an ice cream and the lead was chocolate dip.

He was a chocolate ice cream dip cone walker made of melted lead. But unlike the chocolate that encases ice cream, the lead doesn’t crack open. Poor Eugene’s machete bounced right off.

Abraham had to step in after a count of three. Eugene absolved him of his services after not trusting him and not understanding that dibs is dibs.

We have no idea how Metal Head got his head covered in metal. Was it pre-walker or post walker? Perhaps the people in the shop were pranking one another with buckets of molten lead above the door? That’s pretty harsh! Maybe he knew he was going to turn and gave himself a lead shower?

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Of course, I’m teasing, but if you’re a walker, riot gear, a football helmet, anything to protect your brain is top priority. A thin layer of hard metal is pretty clever. You still have your mouth available for feeding and biting!

From a walker beauty contest perspective, Metal Head, played by Coleman Youmans, certainly makes the semifinals without hesitation.