Highlighting The Walking Dead’s Season 6 Walkers: Meal Worm Walker

Joseph Hardin. Walker. The Walking Dead. AMC
Joseph Hardin. Walker. The Walking Dead. AMC /

Season 6 of The Walking Dead featured herds of walkers, but there were some that stood out from the herd. Let’s look at some of these. Meet Meal Worm Walker.

Usually the walkers are something to be avoided or killed because they are a threat to our safety. These walkers were a little different. Glenn and Heath were actually looking for them.

The first walker didn’t really fit the bill of the type of walker they had in mind so they needed to get rid of him in any way possible. The older man behind him was the one they wanted. He looked a little more like Gregory.

They needed a head that looked like Gregory to trick the Saviors into thinking that Ethan had delivered the message from Negan and killed Gregory. So the walker couldn’t look too decayed; he had to look like he was just killed but recognizable as old neat freak Hilltop boss man himself Gregory.

This guy was one of the 3 choices. Now that I think of it, I have to really watch carefully next time and see if this is the guy that gets his nose bashed in by Rick and makes the final cut as Gregory or if it’s one of the other two choices.

In any case, the really cool walker here was one that Greg Nicotero’s team decided to go all out on and add some meal worms to his gashes. Walker actor Joseph Hardin recalled what the worms felt like in his prosthetics:

Joseph Hardin. Glenn. The Walking Dead. AMC.
Joseph Hardin. Glenn. The Walking Dead. AMC. /

"You can KINDA see them (in above image) Soooo weird. They packed them into the chest cuts and onto the side of my head wound. I could feel them squirming around in my pants… “drumming” on the latex covering my ear… just strange. Everyone stayed away from me that day, needless to say. I think I even grabbed a few out from my boxers in my car on the way home after cleanup."

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This scene was part of a bigger story as well because Heath and Glenn were able to talk about killing the living and their nervousness about what they were about to do. They had both been lucky until now.

Season 6 really had some amazing walker effects. It will be great to see what Greg Nicotero and his team have in store for us for season 7. There are so many different ways he has surprised us.