The Walking Dead: Highlighting Season 6 Walkers

Walkers in Episode 16Photo Credit: Gene Page/AMC, The Walking Dead
Walkers in Episode 16Photo Credit: Gene Page/AMC, The Walking Dead /

The Walking Dead is a show about the zombie apocalypse. They don’t call them zombies but they are zombies. Season 6 had herds of them. Let’s take a closer look.

Walkers! The Walking Dead wouldn’t be the same show without them. There have been many herds and memorable walkers and walker kills throughout the past 6 seasons.

Season 6 had its share of exceptional and very ordinary herds and walkers that were integral to the stories told during the season and reflected the amount of time that has gone by and the environment that the walkers have survived.

To kick off the series highlighting some of those walkers, I’m going to start with the end of the season and the Red Rover Walkers and then meander through the season remembering different walkers.

It seemed like as we were ending season 6 and heading into season 7 that the walker threat started taking a backseat to the human threats. But the walkers are always a threat, a cause of actions, and now even a weapon and a warning.

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Negan’s gang, the Saviors, are using the walkers as a zombie road block and primitive mafioso type messengers. Chained together to block the road, the walkers put our group in a vulnerable position with Saviors hiding in the woods.

There weren’t that many walkers, Rick and our gang could have easily killed them and pulled them out-of-the-way, but they would have to be out in the open to do so.

There was more to the message. Michonne’s hair, Daryl’s arrows. The idea that they had our people and they had a lot of people. Emotional blackmail. They had enough people to create this chain gang road block and hide in the woods and shoot at their feet.

But they weren’t like the few people at Terminus shooting at their feet leading them into a train car. This was much bigger. They were leading them into a maze of roadblocks.

The Red Rover Walkers included actors Stephen Vining,  Alex Hill, Coleman Youmans, Connor Boyd, Missy Massey, Eric Carboni, Garrett Zehner, Cody Gielow, and Ashleigh Jo Smore.

Moving into season 7 Greg Nicotero recognizes the importance of the walkers;

"It’s always about keeping the walkers present. Especially if you have a great villain like Negan, you still have to have the walkers be present, otherwise you’re taking away one aspect of the show, and it’s an important aspect of it.That’s what The Walking Dead is. It’s always important to keep the walkers relevant in the show.(Via IGN)"

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Before October comes and we see what’s in store for season 7 walkers, let’s go back and highlight season 6 walkers! Enjoy the “walk” down season 6 memory lane!

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