The Walking Dead: Nicholas and Glenn the focus of deleted scene

Nicholas and Glenn. Deleted scene. The Walking Dead. AMC.
Nicholas and Glenn. Deleted scene. The Walking Dead. AMC. /

NIcholas and Glenn are featured in a newly released deleted scene from season 6 of The Walking Dead from the DVD and Blu-ray coming out in August.

Deleted scenes from The Walking Dead featured on DVDs and Blu-rays make great bonus material. The scenes have been deleted for whatever reason necessary, whether it be time or story purposes, so they are not technically part of the show, but they can give insight into the thought process of the writers.

This scene comes to us from Anchor Bay Entertainment from season 6 as a sneak peek at some of the bonus content for the DVD release on August 23rd. Check out all of the bonus content for the DVD/Blu-ray here!

(Spoilers ahead from season 6!) You can watch the deleted scene here and let us know what you think in the comments. Do you wish it would have been included in season 6? Read my thoughts below:

At the beginning of season 6, Glenn came back with Nicholas from the woods where Nicholas had tried to kill him. Glenn told Maggie what happened and Maggie told Tara, but Glenn decided not to turn in Nicholas, which would have had him exiled.

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When the plan for the quarry came along, Nicholas volunteered even when Glenn shook his head letting Nicholas know he didn’t want him to be part of the plan and he didn’t think he was ready to handle things.

This deleted scene takes place during the preparations for the herd parade. While it does help establish an interesting bond with NIcholas and Glenn and show some contrition on the part of NIcholas, if they had to cut it for time, it didn’t hurt the story that it was missing. However, having it now as part of the bonus material enhances the story.

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An interesting thing with the relationship between Nicholas and Glenn to me is that it was never about redeeming Nicholas for Glenn. That’s something only Nicholas can control. He can be influenced by Glenn’s choices, but the motives for Glenn’s choices were never to rehabilitate or teach Nicholas.

To me, Glenn’s choices were to help him hold on to who he was. Had he been forced to kill a human earlier in the outbreak, things might have been different. Glenn never consciously didn’t kill at that point. He mentioned to Hershel that part of him wished they would have killed the prisoners on sight.

Glenn wanted to go back and take out the Governor by himself. But, as he told Heath, he had been lucky. The Glenn that saved Nicholas was the Glenn who stuck his neck out to save Rick. He remembered what it was like at the beginning.

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Being in Alexandria for Glenn was a way of trying to help them all from the effects of being out there too long. Killing NIcholas would have confirmed that they had, in fact, been out there too long. By saving Nicholas, Glenn was saving himself.