The Walking Dead: Noah’s top 5 moments

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Noah. Walking Dead. AMC

Noah wasn’t with The Walking Dead for very long, but he made a big impression in a short amount of time. We honor his time with a look at his top 5 moments.

Noah joined us at Grady Memorial when we discovered where the black car with the cross on the window had taken Beth when Beth and Daryl were separated on the road to Terminus. Grady was not a friendly place, but Noah was a friendly face for Beth inside of Grady.

Noah and his father had gone looking for Noah’s uncle and Noah had been taken by the officers at Grady just like Beth. Noah’s father had been left behind to die, presumably because he was stronger and more capable and would have fought back.

Dawn Lerner made Noah her personal assistant. She was unaware that he was planning to escape while he was ironing the scrubs and keeping her schedule for her.

Beth made fast friends with Noah and had Noah to thank for the group finding her even though the end results were tragic for both of our young Grady residents.

Let’s count down Noah’s moments chronologically. We fell in love with Noah more as we got to know him.

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