The Walking Dead Villains: Who’s The Worst, Part 6

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Negan - The Walking Dead, AMC
Jeffrey Dean Morgan as Negan, The Walking Dead — AMC /

We’ve seen a lot, AN AWFUL LOT of awful people, in The Walking Dead, but, who was THE WORST one of season 6?

Eeny. Meeny. Miney. Moe.

Who’s the worst?

I just. Don’t. Know.

Villains ran the gamut in season 6 of The Walking Dead, going from people who seemed motivated by fear, grief, madness, and malice; some who just barely crossed the line into villainy, and others who seemed like they’ve always been there

But, one way or the other, they did something to earn their place here, and now it’s up to me to determine which one of them is the worst of them all.

I suppose the best way for me to start this list is to start with the first “villain” we came across this particular season (Though, I use that term rather loosely)…

Josh McDermitt as Eugene Porter, Ethan Embry as Carter, The Walking Dead -- AMC
Josh McDermitt as Eugene Porter, Ethan Embry as Carter, The Walking Dead — AMC /


As I said before, I use the term “villain” here, rather loosely when talking about Carter, but, I’d feel remiss if I didn’t include him.

…I mean, look at him, he’s pointing a gun AT EUGENE! THE BASTARD!

Seriously, though, if he had simply just questioned Rick’s decisions and doubted his motives, I wouldn’t have even put him on this list!

But…he didn’t.

What Carter did do was attempt to organize some of sort mutiny amongst the Alexandrians against The Group, largely because of his distrust of Rick and fear of what he and The Group might do.

Ethan Embry as Carter, The Walking Dead -- AMC
Ethan Embry as Carter, The Walking Dead — AMC /

Upon discovering Eugene had overheard his little plan, he prepared to straight-up execute him in order to keep him silent.

Now, while I can understand his apprehension about The Group and especially Rick (Considering that he blew away Pete), going so far as to threaten to kill Eugene of all people seems like it’s going above and beyond the call of duty.

Of all the members of The Group (Certainly at that time), Eugene was amongst the least threatening. Planning to shoot Eugene, who was defenseless and feebly holding up his hand to protect his face seems almost as horrible (If not more so) than Allen’s plan to take over the prison!

It almost seems like bullying in a sort of way, with Carter, too afraid to confront Rick, chooses to take his fears and aggression out on someone who is not nearly as capable of defending themselves: Eugene.

While I honestly don’t believe he’s the worst — not even close, actually, but, we’ll tackle that on the “Isn’t The Worst” side —  he definitely belongs on this list…

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