The Walking Dead: Michael Cudlitz does not appreciate spoilers


If you are spreading spoilers concerning upcoming episodes of the AMC zombie survival drama The Walking Dead, odds are Michael Cudlitz wouldn’t like you.

When it comes to the world of The Walking Dead, there are two big groups of fans. One group of fans enjoy the pace and storytelling of the show, tuning in each week to be surprised by the twists and turns the writers create. The other group wants to know what is going to happen before they see it play out on the screen.

Here at Undead Walking, we fall into that first category. We don’t pretend that spoilers aren’t out there, but we also don’t want know anything about upcoming episodes before they air. This is especially true when it comes to the big cliffhanger surrounding who it was that Negan made an example of in the season 6 finale.

There are plenty of places for people who want spoilers to get them, but for the people throwing them around on social media and ruining the excitement for those who stumble upon the information provided by websites that are “too good at guessing” what will happen next.

One actor taking exception to these people is Michael Cudlitz. Known for his role as Abraham Ford on The Walking Dead, Cudlitz has never been one to bite his tongue when it comes to his dislike of those ruining the experience of the show for others. And recently, he was VERY blunt about his feelings toward these individuals in an interview on

"“Anything anyone is reporting out there is pure speculation unless they are getting information from someone who is in the cast or who is working for the company.If that’s the case, then they’re f—ing a–holes anyway. You just ruined it for people who don’t want to know.”"

Being a star on The Walking Dead has to be miserable right now. The only question they are being asked on a regular basis is about what happened during the cliffhanger scene and who fans will be saying goodbye to when season 7 premieres.

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The Walking Dead will return to AMC with the season 7 premiere on Sunday, October 23, 2016 at 9 PM ET. That is when fans will find out who Negan was smashing with his barbed-wire baseball bat…well, unless you happen across some spoilers before then.