A bullet point recap of TWD season 6: Alexandria to Negan

Season 6. The Walking Dead. AMC
Season 6. The Walking Dead. AMC /

Season 6 of The Walking Dead was just released on Netflix and it is available on DVD. Take a quick look at the season with this bullet point recap.

(Spoilers from the season ahead!)

The Walking Dead‘s season 6 began with a plan to protect Alexandria from a herd of walkers that was having a party in the quarry nearby but was getting restless. The group was confident and capable. They had a plan to keep their community safe.

The season ended with the group on their knees. Their confidence shaken. Their community in jeopardy. The most anticipated villain and weapon from the comic book standing before them.

Alexandria Herd Plan Part 1

  • Daryl, Abraham and Sasha lead the parade.
  • HONK!
  • Enid eats a turtle.
  • Carol bakes a casserole and takes care of the Wolves.
  • Glenn, Nicholas, a thank you and a dumpster.
  • Rick kisses Jessie.
  • Denise kisses Tara.
  • Maggie is pregnant.
  • Sam is scared to come downstairs.
  • Abe stares at death and looks at Sasha in a new way.
  • Daryl and Dwight begin a rivalry.
  • Green balloons!
  • Bell tower collapses.

Morgan’s Story

We interrupt this season to tell you where Morgan has been and make everyone mad because all they wanted to know was if Glenn was alive or not so they didn’t appreciate this beautiful story. But now they will on replay because we know that Glenn is okay.

  • Kill me.
  • All life is precious.
  • Sad story from Eastman.
  • Tabitha captures the attention of the fans.
  • Eastman is coolest character ever.
  • All life is precious.
  • Morgan needs people and sets out to find Rick.

Alexandria Herd Plan Part 2

Well, shit!!

  • Bye, Deanna.
  • Bye, Sam.
  • Bye, Ron.
  • Bye, Jessie.
  • Bye, Carl’s eye.
  • Hello, Father Gabriel!
  • Hello, Eugene!
  • Hello, RPG explosion of Negan’s men!
  • Hello, awesome walker killing by everyone!

The Next World

  • Hello, Jesus!
  • Hello, Richonne!
  • Goodbye, Denise.
  • Goodbye, Carol’s armor.
  • Goodbye, everything we’ve ever known.
  • Hello, Negan and Lucille.

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I hope you are thrilled to have season 6 available now on Netflix and/or DVD and Blu-ray to watch any time you want. This recap is meant to be a quick and fun reminder of the events that took place during the season. It’s obviously not a comprehensive recap of the season. We’re getting closer to season 7 by the minute! Hold on, Enid! We’re coming!