Talked about scene from Fear The Walking Dead 212: I’m Your Child

Alicia Clark (Alycia Debnam-Carey) and Madison Clark (Kim Dickens) in Fear The Walking Dead Episode 13Photo by Richard Foreman/AMC
Alicia Clark (Alycia Debnam-Carey) and Madison Clark (Kim Dickens) in Fear The Walking Dead Episode 13Photo by Richard Foreman/AMC /

Madison made a bold move during episode 212 of Fear The Walking Dead titled ‘Pillar of Salt’ that her daughter Alicia may not completely agree with.

Making decisions in the zombie apocalypse can be very difficult. This was the case for Madison Clark during last week’s episode of Fear The Walking Dead titled ‘Pillar of Salt’ when she overheard some people talking about someone who fit the description of her son Nick.

Confronted with the possibility of finding him, Madison went to extreme measures to hopefully get his attention, including putting their home, its residents, and the rest of her family in danger in the meantime.

Here is the scene in question as aired during Fear The Walking Dead episode 212 as hosted on the official AMC YouTube account:

For Alicia, this was one of the most confusing things to happen recently. The entire group at the hotel had been working so hard to keep the building clear of walkers, establish rules of living, and attempt to survive the apocalypse that she was wondering why things were so weird.

While having the situation at the ‘store’ being explained to her, the lights for the hotel sign lit up, alerting everyone and everything in the area to their presence. Of course, this was in hopes that Nick would see the lights on the building and come to the hotel, but that invitation went out to far more than the intended audience.

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Alicia sprinted to the generator, where she found Madison had flipped the power on. She pleas for Madison to turn it off, but she denies the request. Madison tells Alicia that she needs to trust her on this.

That didn’t sit well on Alicia, who explained to Madison that she risked the trade at the store and put everyone at risk for the small chance that Nick could see the light and come to the hotel.

Madison replied that your child is always your child, but Alicia reminded her that she is also her child. She continued to say that doesn’t understand why Madison is pushing so hard to get Nick back when he chose living with the dead over living with them.

The light may or may not have been seen by Nick, but it was seen by Travis, who appears to be alone on his travels.

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While hoping for the return of her son, Madison may have put herself, her daughter, her new home, and everything else at risk. Was the gamble worth it? Was there a better way to go about looking for Nick? Did Alicia’s reaction help to convince Madison to change her mind? Leave your thoughts and opinions below.