Fear the Walking Dead Recap: Episode 213 ‘Date of Death’

Fear the Walking Dead. AMC
Fear the Walking Dead. AMC /

Madison turned on the light to the hotel to signal to Nick at the end of last week’s episode of Fear the Walking Dead. Let’s see who saw the light tonight.

Fear the Walking Dead opened with a large group of survivors at the gates of the Rosarita hotel hoping to find some safety and a supplies-a place to hide from the infected. Our group tried to tell them-Lo siento, no room at the inn. But on the other side of the gate, in the crowd, Madison saw Travis.

In a flashback, Travis found supplies to stitch up the wound on the boy who had been shot in the leg. He dug a grave for the farmer and added a wooden cross to match the crosses on the graves of farmer’s family, but Travis didn’t know his name or birthday to add to the cross.

Discussing the events in the barn and the shooting, Chris explained to his father that there is no right or wrong anymore. That it’s kill or be killed. He reminded his father about when he was in middle school and his father told him to try to fit in-to act as if-when the kids made fun of him. Chris told Travis that’s what Travis needed to do now. Chris thinks these boys are important now in this world.

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The boys decided that it was time to go to San Diego. They were tired of Travis and his “school-marm” ways. Travis found out the farmer’s name and birth date to add to his cross before they left.

The boy who was shot was telling the boys he felt fine with no pain when he really was still in pain because he didn’t want to be left behind.

The two boys did want to leave James behind. Travis tried to make them see that they were supposed to be his friends and they should let him heal. He took the gun from Chris and when Brandon said Travis wouldn’t do anything with it, Travis shot at his feet. Chris was disappointed in Travis because he wanted to keep on the boys’ good side.

Travis had a talk with Baby James while he was guarding him.  Baby James told the story of Troy, their friend who had been bitten and how Brandon wasn’t able to put him down so Baby James did it. Even though James isn’t infected, they think he’s dying and so they want to put him down.

Chris brought Travis some food. He said the boys had gone out somewhere because they were bored. He tried to talk to his dad. He told Travis he understood. He hugged Travis. The hug turned into a tackle that disarmed him and Chris called out for the boy. They shot Baby James. Chris left in the truck with the boys and they left Travis behind.

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Travis buried James. And started to walk.

Back at the hotel Travis told Madison the story about the boys and Chris. Madison listened and then felt compelled to go see Alicia. She told Alicia what really happened with her father. He hadn’t fallen asleep in the car. He deliberately killed himself. He left a note in his glove box. It said, “I love you all, but enough’s enough.” She told Alicia how much she always loved her, but thought she was okay and how she feared Nick was too much like the dad.

The two boys showed up at the hotel at the end…..We didn’t see Chris!