Fear the Walking Dead S02E13 Preview: The Favored Sibling

Alicia Clark (Alycia Debnam-Carey) and Madison Clark (Kim Dickens) in Fear The Walking Dead Episode 13Photo by Richard Foreman/AMC
Alicia Clark (Alycia Debnam-Carey) and Madison Clark (Kim Dickens) in Fear The Walking Dead Episode 13Photo by Richard Foreman/AMC /

Last week on Fear the Walking Dead, Alicia discovered the truth she’d always known. Her brother Nick is the favorite. The indisputable favorite and this isn’t going to change no matter what Nick does wrong… Or she does right. Not now, not ever.

The Favored Sibling

Madison has favorites on Fear the Walking Dead and Alicia has had her mother’s revelation flashed bluntly. The sneaking suspicion is not a hunch any longer. When before it seemed like jealousy or circumstance, it’s obvious in the post-apocalyptic world that Madison’s true chosen one is her son. The breakdown of platitudes has rapidly come to light. First with Madison admitting Alicia raised herself and that she wasn’t there for her and now reaching its boiling point.

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Flashback to last week’s sublime triumph slithering into corrosion.

There they were on the eve of glory, clearing out the hotel of its decaying residents. Though they ran into a major snag with Strand nicked, order was quickly restored. Madison taking central leadership position with an agreement tentatively in place against violence of any kind in the group.

It was during their impromptu visit to the supermarket that Madison found a trail of crumbs. The minor morsel of information that an American had passed around those parts, giving just enough hope for Madison to dive full-bodied into a pit of danger. Putting herself, the group, and the hotel on the edge of alarming menace. All for the sake of Nick. The son who had abandoned them all.

Madison then turned on the hotel’s neon-lit sign, optimistic it would attract him back home like a moth to the flame. This ambition seen by Travis across the wasteland and likely hundreds of unsavory suitors on Fear the Walking Dead.

Alicia rushed to confront Madison on this seemingly crazy endeavor to be met with the spattered truth. Nick is priority #1, “Your son is always your son.” Alicia being there, her safety, still secondary to the glimpse of a Nick return to the flock. As always throughout her life. She reaches for the motherly apron, desperate for attention as her mother grows taller and taller from her. Her brother, Nick Clark always beyond Madison’s own eye level. No need for recognition, yet he receives it anyway.

Fear the Walking Dead Barn Aftermath

It’s been three weeks and not a single Fear the Walking Dead fan forgot that look on Travis’ face after Chris did the unthinkable. The day Chris changed from son to the blurry outline of a criminal.

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Now, not only is Travis outnumbered by the fraternity scavengers but has to consider the possibility Chris might not have his back. Not in the long run. All it could take is a single argument and the situation could regress back to where it was when Travis first found Chris again. Father-son driving lessons are clearly over.

Will Travis play along to the group’s distinct unified sense of direction or will he risk his well-being for morality?

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