Fear the Walking Dead season 2 finale will be supersized

Frank Dillane. Nick. Fear the Walking Dead. 215. AMC>
Frank Dillane. Nick. Fear the Walking Dead. 215. AMC> /

Season 2 of Fear the Walking Dead comes to a close with a supersized finale as AMC airs the last 2 episodes on the same night.

Season 2 of Fear the Walking Dead is composed of 15 episodes. Last Sunday was episode 12 of the season so fans may have assumed there were 2 more Sundays of Fear. But AMC is airing the last 2 episodes on the same night creating a 2-hour finale.

Next Sunday, October 2, 2016, will be the supersized finale of Fear the Walking Dead. On Saturday and Sunday, the network will air the entire series in a marathon for viewers to catch up or re-live the west coast and Mexico apocalypse stories before the finale.

Going into the finale we have several story lines that will either tie up some loose ends or create more loose ends, or both. (Poor Abraham will be itchy back in Virginia).

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As for things that are falling apart, there are quite a few new people and things to figure out at the hotel. Travis is at an emotional breaking point. Ofelia is off traveling toward the north possibly to find her ex-fiance in New Mexico; however, negotiations with the mercado and the Colonia may be going south.

Strand is still wounded after being stabbed by the mother of the bride. Madison and Travis can’t seem to communicate even though their situations are so parallel. And the two American boys with whom Chris left in the truck seem to have appeared at the gates of the hotel sans Chris.

Things that have been going right  involve Alicia.  She is able to help the people at the hotel and speak Spanish. She has begun to mend  a deep wound with her mother that will change the direction of their relationship and how they navigate the new world together.

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If past finales of any The Walking Dead are any indication of what to expect, perhaps there will be some resolution and answers to some of the things we’ve been watching in the second half of the season since the group was separated at the fire at the hacienda, but there may be loss or death and things left unfinished.