The Walking Dead to take over AMC Kevin Smith show Geeking Out

Kevin Smith and The Walking Dead's Steven Yeun - Talking Dead, AMC
Kevin Smith and The Walking Dead's Steven Yeun - Talking Dead, AMC /

Robert Kirkman, Kim Dickens, and other important figures in The Walking Dead universe will be featured on the season 1 finale of the AMC show Geeking Out.

This point in time might be one of the most nervous that fans of AMC‘s zombie survival dramas have ever been. With Fear The Walking Dead season 2 coming to an end and The Walking Dead season 7 premiere around the corner, there is plenty to fear when it comes to our favorite characters.

However, these two popular programs aren’t the only place to get your fix of everything walker related. The fan-driven program Geeking Out by Kevin Smith will feature several important figures from the universe of The Walking Dead during the finale of its first season on October 3, 2016.

Here are the guests scheduled to appear on the upcoming episode of Geeking Out:

Each of these individuals will likely have many interesting things to discuss when it comes to their groundbreaking and popular programs. Whenever Robert Kirkman speaks, it is hard to know when he’s serious and when he’s pulling the leg of fans.

Recently, AMC shared a sneak peek preview including Kevin Smith and Kirkman on their official YouTube account:

Fans of the comics have to be happy to hear that Robert Kirkman wants the comic books to continue even after the show ends. However, discussing the inevitable end of AMC’s The Walking Dead isn’t something that will ever be appealing to fans of the series.

Although this clip itself is enough to make fans want to tune in, there will be plenty of other topics discussed by the guests on Geeking Out. With Kirkman, Alpert, Nicotero, and Dickens all there to talk zombies, there is no reason not to tune in!

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Don’t miss Geeking Out on Monday, October 3, 2016 to see all these important figures talking with Kevin Smith, who is one of the most beloved directors and a massive fan of The Walking Dead, odds are that there will be some topics discussed that have never been touched on before and that will make for great television for fans.