How and when to watch the Fear The Walking Dead season 2 finale

Kim Dickens as Madison. Episode 214. Fear the Walking Dead. AMC.
Kim Dickens as Madison. Episode 214. Fear the Walking Dead. AMC. /

Want to where and when watch the season 2 finale of AMC’s Fear The Walking Dead? Here is how you can watch online, on TV, or through streaming apps.

If you love zombies, there is a lot to look forward to on Sunday. Not only do fans get another episode of the popular zombie survival drama Fear The Walking Dead, but they will get a double dose, as the season 2 finale will air immediately afterwards.

There will be a ton of great things to discuss both leading up to the season 2 finale as well as afterwards. With so much drama going on right now, there are a number of different directions the show could head with some of our favorite characters.

Thankfully, the wait won’t be too long. For those who want to make sure they can watch the episodes on Sunday, here is all the information needed regarding the back-to-back Fear the Walking Dead action:


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  • Episode Numbers:  214 & 215
  • Episode Names: “Wrath” & “North”
  • Date: Sunday, October 2, 2016
  • Start Time: 9/8c
  • TV Info: AMC (Check your local listings for availability)
  • Synopsis for 214 – “Wrath”: “New refugees throw off Travis; Nick must decide if he should stay at the Colonia with Luciana or leave.”
  • Synopsis for 215 – “North”: “When Travis’ rage causes unrest at the hotel, Madison has to choose whether or not she will stand by him; Nick becomes leader of the Colonia as Narcos close in.”
  • Sneak Peek Teaser Videos:  TEASER #1   TEASER #2
  • Live Stream: You can watch live on or AMC App (with tv provider sign in), Sling TV, Playstation Vue, and the Spectrum App for Charter Spectrum customers.
  • Next Day: It is also available next day on VOD, and the AMC app for iOS, Android and Windows or for purchase on iTunes, Amazon, Google Play and Xbox.

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Fear The Walking Dead may be coming to an end, but that doesn’t mean the action will stop. Of course, fans are holding their breath for the October 23, 2016 season 7 premiere for AMC’s The Walking Dead. October is a great time for zombies and both dramas should give fans plenty to talk about for a long, long time.