Minor spoilers in the Fear The Walking Dead 215 episode synopsis

Frank Dillane. Nick. Fear the Walking Dead. 215. AMC>
Frank Dillane. Nick. Fear the Walking Dead. 215. AMC> /

Fans not wanting to know what will happen in episode 214 of Fear The Walking Dead may want to avoid reading the episode synopsis for the season 2 finale.

One of the bad things about being a huge fan of The Walking Dead and Fear The Walking Dead is trying to avoid all of the spoilers that appear in the comments of articles or on social media. However, sometimes AMC and the shows themselves decide to give far too much information as well.

That is the case with Sunday’s episodes of Fear The Walking Dead. With two episodes scheduled to air on AMC, it is odd to look at the two episode descriptions because the description for the season finale gives away a lot of what will happen in the previous episode.

Here is the episode description for episode 214:

"“New refugees throw off Travis; Nick must decide if he should stay at the Colonia with Luciana or leave.”"

Alone, those are mysterious enough to not be too huge of spoilers. With the two boys traveling with Chris showing up at the gates of the hotel, there is no doubt that Travis will struggle seeing them. Also, Nick was in a sticky spot with La Colonia in the previous episode, so there is no surprise that he is considering moving on from the community.

However, when you couple that description with the one from episode 215 (the season 2 finale) of Fear The Walking Dead, the picture becomes much, much clearer as to what happens. Here is that description:

"More from Undead WalkingWalking Dead alum Jayson Warner Smith promotes new film, Chipper, watch it nowWalking Dead actor Chandler Riggs filming new movie in Tampa BayWhy is there no season 12 of The Walking Dead?Will Morgan Jones find Rick Grimes in The Walking Dead: The Ones Who Live spinoff?Watch Tales of TWD actress Jillian Bell in Prime Video’s Candy Cane Lane“When Travis’ rage causes unrest at the hotel, Madison has to choose whether or not she will stand by him; Nick becomes leader of the Colonia as Narcos close in.”"

So now it can be assumed that Travis does not react well to these boys and does something that casts him in a horrible light. The fact they didn’t show Chris at the hotel gates should make fans wonder if that is what causes Travis to feel this “rage”.

Also, now it is known that Nick will stay at La Colonia and take over a role of leadership, but how long will that last? Plus, that situation does bring up a question of what happens with Alejandro and why he is no longer the leader of the community.

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While there are some minor spoilers in that description, they aren’t specific enough to ruin the two episode of AMC’s Fear The Walking Dead on Sunday, October 2, 2016. There are still plenty of great reasons to watch and see what happens in the Mexican zombie apocalypse.