Talked about scene from Fear The Walking Dead 214 ‘That’s Enough’

Travis, Brandon, and Madison - Fear The Walking Dead, AMC
Travis, Brandon, and Madison - Fear The Walking Dead, AMC /

Travis lost his cool during episode 214 of AMC’s Fear The Walking Dead, and that was named the most talked about scene from ‘Wrath’ on October 3, 2016.

Fear The Walking Dead finished off their second season this weekend, but they did so in a block of two episodes. The first of them was episode 214 titled “Wrath” which focused on the relationship between Travis and Chris as well as the issues between the Narcos and La Colonia.

If you were on social media during “Wrath”, odds are that you saw fans of the show go wild when Travis trapped the two boys who left with Chris in a room and beat them to a bloody pulp. It was a moment which had been in the making for a long time, but was desperately needed for Travis’ character.

Without further ado, here is the most talked about scene from Fear The Walking Dead episode 214 titled ‘That’s Enough’ as shared on the official YouTube account of AMC:

After catching the two boys in a lie about what happened during the accident, Travis just lost it. Discovering they executed him to put him out is his misery like they did with Baby James, it flipped a switch in the former school teacher’s head and fans were treated to a side of Travis they’ve never seen before.

This beat down was brutal. There were plenty of times he could have stopped, and Madison along with the other hotel survivors were begging him to show some mercy.

Mercy did not come though. He killed one of the boys and left the other in a state where he may as well have been dead. Travis himself took some hits, but his rage left him mostly unharmed during the brawl.

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Whether or not Travis will continue to have this kind of aggression and temper has yet to be seen, but this is an important step in the character becoming more understanding of the world around him and better learning how to cope with loss and extremely challenging situations in the zombie apocalypse.