Talked about scene from Fear The Walking Dead 215 ‘Border Lands’

Nick Clark - Fear The Walking Dead, AMC
Nick Clark - Fear The Walking Dead, AMC /

Nick has some hope for Luciana and the rest of La Colonia’s citizens in this talked about scene from the season 2 finale of AMC’s Fear The Walking Dead.

After making the tough decision to leave La Colonia behind and make their way to the military base across the border, it looked as though these survivors would have a new home on Fear The Walking Dead.

Sadly, nothing is usually as easy as it seems. While focusing on the location in the distance, another group got the jump on them and put the future of the entire population at risk heading into season 3 of the zombie survival drama.

Here is the most talked about scene from episode 215 of Fear The Walking Dead titled ‘Border Lands’ as shared on the AMC YouTube account:

Just as Luciana saw the helicopter that Nick was talking about, another group opened fire of the people of La Colonia. A bullet hit Luciana in the shoulder and the impact spun her to the ground.

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The gunfight continued with casualties building up on both sides. Everyone started scrambling, but Nick went to Luciana to take her to safety. With Nick covering her behind a booth, the other group closed in on the two and pointed their weapons at them.

The switch to Alejandro’s death at La Colonia was powerful as well, since it was Madison who made sure that the former leader of the community would not reanimate as a member of the walking dead.

Back at the border, the armed men separate Nick and Luciana, throwing Mr. Clark to the ground the pointing a gun at the back of his head while Luciana watched on while at gunpoint as well.

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This type of cliffhanger isn’t so bad. There are still plenty of ways that Nick, Luciana, and some of the others can survive this situation, but not knowing what is going on with these popular characters for the entirety of the break between seasons of Fear The Walking Dead will be hard on those who really love the AMC zombie drama series.