Talking Dead Recap: Fear the Walking Dead season 2 finale

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Fear the Walking Dead aired its last 2 episodes of season 2 so Chris Hardwick had to talk about them with us in the loft.

Lorenzo Henrie joined Robert Kirkman and Alycia Debnam-Carey on the couch as the surprise guest. We had all the usual Talking Dead features: polls, discussion, tweets, fan questions and even audience gifts of action figures.

Robert Kirkman started out by talking about how for Travis, losing Chris in this way will propel his character in season 3 and it will affect other characters. For many other questions, Robert Kirkman teased and wondered why he was even on the show because he really couldn’t add much or answer the questions because of spoilers.

The guests talked about Lorenzo as a farewell, most mentioning how his character is so far from the personality of the actor. Colman Domingo and Cliff Curtis had nice things to say about Lorenzo on their clips.

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Mercedes Mason talked in her clip about how happy she is to see her character develop into a very Carol-type character. She mentioned her change in clothing especially.

Alycia as well, is happy about Alicia’s evolution into being able to handle herself with the infected and with decision-making in the new world.

When Colman Domingo was on his live video joining the guests, Chris asked him why he thought Strand stayed behind.

Colman used a funny expression. He said he thought Strand could do bad all by himself. He said he was turned off by Madison having made the rule and then not following her own rule.

Even though everyone is separated, all the stories will be followed in season 3. There are things to be explored in the locations and with those characters.

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Chris Hardwick made an announcement about Season 7 of The Walking Dead. Look for a separate article outlining the details.

Immediately following the season 7 premiere of The Walking Dead there will be a 90-minute live Talking Dead  at the Hollywood Forever Cemetery.  Everyone who was featured in the episode, Andrew Lincoln, Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Norman Reedus, etc., plus the producers 2,000  fans will be able to win tickets. Starting Tuesday October 4th you will be able to enter.