Andrew Lincoln calls Negan the baddest of the bad on The Walking Dead

Season 7 Character Portrait AMC. Negan.
Season 7 Character Portrait AMC. Negan. /

Andrew LIncoln is happy to be working with Jeffrey Dean Morgan and happy about the addition of the Negan character in season 7 of The Walking Dead.

The characters in The Walking Dead are not happy at all about the cocky new character in town, but the actors are enjoying his presence. They seem to be having a great time working with Jeffrey Dean Morgan, if Comic-con and other appearances are any indication.

Andrew Lincoln talked to Entertainment Weekly about the part of Negan, “It’s such a great part and it’s so beautifully written,” working with Jeffrey Dean Morgan, and the importance of his character at this particular time in the show.

Jeffrey Dean Morgan has already stepped out of the RV and spoken his first words on screen so we have a sense of who he is and how Jeffrey will play him. We also have a sense of how lethal he is and will continue to be from what we’ve seen in the trailer.

"“He’s such an important part of the show, this character, that we needed an actor that could step up and take the bull by the horns and drag it forward, and make it his own. And certainly, that’s what we have this season. I think everybody got a sense of what this actor is capable of in the last episode. But rest assured that that’s really just the beginning of what Jeffrey is creating. It’s very impressive and it’s great fun to work with him”"

From everything we’ve been reading and hearing, Negan is a game-changer. That issue 100 was a turning point in the comics and should be a turning point in the show. If, as Lincoln seems to think, it propels the show into a new direction with renewed energy, that will be a fantastic thing for fans of The Walking Dead.

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This is a crucial time for a television show. It’s a time when many shows fizzle out or fans lose interest or writers run out of ideas. The writers of The Walking Dead have a huge advantage in that the comics are a rich source of ideas.

"“Without the baddest of the bad guys, it wouldn’t be the same show. And I think it’s breathed a new terrifying life into the show, and at no better time. What an extraordinary thing, to wait seven seasons to reveal the baddest of the bad guys.”"

Just a few more weeks until the baddest of the bad guys continues his reign of terror on our screens and on our characters that he started last spring. It’s finally here!

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