Smashing pumpkins with Lucille and The Walking Dead cast

Lucille. The Walking Dead. Season 7 Comic Con Trailer. AMC
Lucille. The Walking Dead. Season 7 Comic Con Trailer. AMC /

Cast members of the hit AMC zombie drama The Walking Dead got their hands on Negan’s bat Lucille and smashed some pumpkins at Walker Stalker Con in Philly.

Right now, there is no hotter topic in the world of The Walking Dead than Negan. Since his appearance during the season 6 finale, he has struck fear into the hearts of every viewer of AMC’s zombie survival drama.

One of the most intimidating part of Negan’s persona is the baseball bat he carries. Wrapped in barbed wire, Lucille has already been established as an instrument of terror. The thought of the deadly weapon brings to mind thoughts of the leader of The Saviors smashing in the head of one of our beloved survivors.

While fans will find out who will meet their doom on October 23, 2016, some familiar faces from The Walking Dead took turns holding Lucille and letting go some rage.

Here is the video as shared by Fan Fest on YouTube:

Those poor pumpkins never stood a chance. While some of them took a little longer than others to break, eventually the all succumbed to the beatdown using Lucille. Sadly, it’s hard to watch the video and not imagine these pumpkins as the heads of our favorite characters from The Walking Dead.

Included in the video, there were several current and former cast members from AMC’s zombie drama. Here is the list of those featured:

There were a couple of other guests who took a swing at the produce:

  • Sean Clark – Halloween producer
  • Rob Pryor – Buffy The Vampire Slayer artist

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Of course, this is all leading up to Sunday, October 23, 2016 and the big reveal of who Negan beat to a bloody pulp as season 6 came to an end. The big reveal should be an emotionally punishing and physically gruesome moment fans of The Walking Dead will never forget.