Norman Reedus and Jimmy Fallon talked and rode a fake bike

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Norman Reedus dropped into the Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon last night. They had a blast in the time he was there and so did the audience.

I still don’t think Jimmy Fallon has ever seen The Walking Dead, but that’s okay. He enjoys his time with Norman Reedus every time Norman comes on the show. I like Jimmy.

Norman complimented the walkers on the show when Jimmy asked about them. Jimmy wondered if seeing zombies all the time now was just old hat for Norman and they weren’t even creepy or scary anymore.

Norman’s answer was great for audience members who don’t know anything about the show, but even better for true The Walking Dead fans. He laughed because he sees them all the time on set as real people standing around waiting for their time to act and eating lunch.

But he complimented their part in the show and their acting skills in that they really have to play the hungry, spiritless body of the person who is no longer inhabiting the physical being that we see. That is a job for the actor. They can’t show expression or emotion or life in the way a human inhabiting the body would.

Jimmy really did understand the concept of the fans and the friends of the actors though who beg to know answers and secrets from the actor. He did a perfect imitation of the people who would say, “You can tell me!”

And then we have the hilarious little unscripted “sketch” of what an episode of Norman’s unscripted series Ride with Norman Reedus might be like if Jimmy Fallon, motorcycle virgin, joined him on season 2 with Bluetooth outfitted motorcycle helmets and a 2-seater couch motorcycle. The audience loved the vicarious thrill of holding tight to Norman on the couch bike.

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