The Walking Dead teaser image likely not hinting at The Whisperers

The Walking Dead season 7 promotional image - amcthewalkingdead on Instagram
The Walking Dead season 7 promotional image - amcthewalkingdead on Instagram /

A promotional image from AMC’s The Walking Dead has fans thinking about a group of vile villains that will be introduced much later in the series.

Sometimes, a picture can bring to mind some things that have absolutely nothing to do with the image itself. That is the case when it comes to a promotional picture for season 7 of The Walking Dead released by AMC on Instagram that has many media outlets, including, thinking of something big on the horizon.

The photo in question is of a head on a pike. Of course, for comic book readers, this image brings a huge amount of heartbreak because of something that involves The Whisperers, but the picture itself likely has nothing to do with the upcoming group of bad guys.

Here is the image in question as shared by amcthewalkingdead on Instagram:

While it’s hard not to think of The Whisperers, this is likely an image from outside the walls of The Sanctuary. The home of The Saviors has many heads posted outside as a warning to those approaching the compound and a possible deterrent to members of the undead.

Introducing The Whisperers, The Kingdom, and The Sanctuary all in one season would be a lot for viewers to take in at once, and would likely be a huge clustermess of awfulness despite how great and interesting the individual storylines are for each community.

Many fans are saying they have seen The Whisperers in the teasers or trailers for season 7 of The Walking Dead, but there is nothing to verify that they are coming soon. It would be a very bold and confusing move to introduce the new group during season 7 considering everything else going on, but unexpected things happen fairly often on the hit AMC zombie survival drama that is not always following along with how things went in the comic book series.

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Of course, fans will find out more when The Walking Dead returns to AMC for season 7 on October 23, 2016, but it would be a shock if the storyline involving The Whisperers came this soon.