The Walking Dead renewed by AMC for an 8th season

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Without even a single episode of season 7 airing, AMC has renewed their hit zombie survival drama series The Walking Dead for an eighth season.

Fans hoping to see more of the story following Rick Grimes and the other survivors in the zombie apocalypse can rejoice, as AMC has made the call to renew their hit program The Walking Dead for an eighth season.

This is exciting news for fans of the show, as one of the most powerful parts of the hit comic book series is currently starting on the television show. The introduction of Negan and The Saviors during season 6 will set some major events into motion and provide many moments which could leave fans with their jaws on the ground in disbelief.

The news of the was shared by Entertainment Weekly late on October 16, 2016, but was initially announced at the beginning of the special episode titled “The Journey So Far” which covered everything that has happened to this point with interviews and dialogue from the cast and crew.

Here is the announcement on Twitter from Entertainment Weekly:

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The announcement may have been made one full week before the season 7 premiere will air on AMC, but it shouldn’t come as any surprise to fans of the show. The zombie drama has continued to be the most popular show on television, regularly winning not only their time slot but crushing the ratings of other regular television programs.

AMC is anticipating a massive number of viewers for the season 7 premiere on October 23, 2016 but also hopes that the mass appeal of the reveal of Negan’s kill will help to draw in some new viewers or bring back some fans who may have given up on the series.

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Congratulations to The Walking Dead, AMC, Robert Kirkman, and the program’s stellar cast and crew on getting renewed for an 8th season. These days, it’s difficult for shows to have a long run where ratings continue to be strong throughout, but the zombie survival drama seems to have no end in sight.