Fear The Walking Dead: Passage Part 1 miniseries revealed by AMC

Fear The Walking Dead: 'Passage' part 1 from AMC.com
Fear The Walking Dead: 'Passage' part 1 from AMC.com /

Banking on the success of ‘Flight 462’, AMC has returned with a new collection of 16 short videos titled Fear The Walking Dead: ‘Passage’.

Last year, a series of short videos from AMC aired during The Walking Dead linking some new characters on an airplane to the group of survivors from Fear The Walking Dead. Now, a new batch of videos is set to help fans get their zombie fix.

While there is no confirmation that the characters from this new series will have any sort of interaction with the zombie survival drama companion series, hopes are the new clips can help fill in the gaps of a future story on the program.

The new miniseries is titled Fear The Walking Dead: ‘Passage’ and will be available on the official AMC website, the AMC app, and during new episodes of The Walking Dead each week.

Here is how the series is described on the official AMC website:

"“A fearsome survivor agrees to help an injured woman in exchange for an apocalyptic sanctuary.”"

Hopefully, more details are available soon, but here is the first clip which is expected to air during the season 7 premiere of The Walking Dead on Sunday, October 23, 2016 as shared on their official website:

Right now, it’s hard to get attached to anything going on in the clip. There is as individual in a hazardous materials suit who appears to be pretty proficient when dealing with the undead. The person doesn’t seem to be protecting the woman who is hiding during the clip, but they will likely interact as the series continues.

The previous Fear The Walking Dead miniseries was Flight 462 and netted a couple of award nominations for the network, and they are likely hoping that they can recreate that kind of attention for Passage.

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The first part of Fear The Walking Dead: ‘Passage’ will be seen on October 23, 2016, but for those who are curious, they can always watch on the link above or on the official AMC website or app. Watch for a new part each week there is a new episode of The Walking Dead.