Is The Walking Dead Season 6 on Netflix?

The Walking Dead title - AMC
The Walking Dead title - AMC /

Season 6 of The Walking Dead had some incredible moments that fans will want to watch over and over, but can they watch the streaming episodes on Netflix?

There is little doubt that fans want to watch the hit AMC zombie survival drama The Walking Dead. As the most popular show on television, fans flock to the their screens to watch the amazing action each week.

However, some fans don’t have access to AMC or want to wait to binge watch all the episodes in a season at once. For that, Netflix has been a blessing to those who love watching walkers roam the apocalypse.

Thankfully for those fans, season 6 is available to watch on Netflix. Starting on September 15, 2016, fans were able to stream through the online service to watch all 16 episodes of the hit program.

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With the season 7 premiere airing on AMC on Sunday, October 19, 2016, there is no better time than now to catch up on the action.

Considering how the zombie drama let fans at the end of season 6, the intense scenes should be a huge reason to re-watch the excellent story that leads to the highly-anticipated seventh season.

No matter who you’re a fan of on The Walking Dead, you’re going to want to be ready when the season 7 premiere airs on AMC to talk about what has happened and what could be next for the survivors.

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Head over to Netflix and catch up on the biggest and most ambitious season of The Walking Dead to date. If you love zombie action, tons of drama, and more adventure than you can handle, this is the right place for any fan of the undead apocalypse.