Talking Dead guests for The Walking Dead season 7 premiere

Chris Hardwick - Talking Dead, AMC
Chris Hardwick - Talking Dead, AMC /

Who will be joining Talking Dead host Chris Hardwick after the season 7 premiere of The Walking Dead titled ‘The Day Will Come When You Won’t Be’?

The Walking Dead is returning to AMC on Sunday, October 23, 2016. The monumental episode should leave fans with puddles of tears and a feeling that the entire scope of the AMC program has changed. Thankfully, Talking Dead will have some therapy for viewers.

Immediately after season 7 premiere, Chris Hardwick will host a 90 minute episode from Los Angeles’ iconic Hollywood Forever Cemetery with every member from Negan’s lineup as well as the actor who plays Negan and two executives from the show.

Here are the individuals who will be on the special super-sized edition of Talking Dead according to

Robert Kirkman

As the creator of The Walking Dead, it’s pretty obvious that Kirkman has a sick mind. He will have an opportunity to discuss all the awful and amazing things going on in his head.

Scott M. Gimple

The showrunner of the hit zombie survival program will be able to discuss some of the things that happen behind that scenes that maybe even cast members don’t know about.

Yvette Nicole Brown

As a Talking Dead regular and The Walking Dead superfan, Brown will add a lot of great character analysis and personal opinions on the emotionally draining season 7 premiere episode.

Jeffrey Dean Morgan

Love him or hate him, fans will be getting to know Negan pretty well over the course of season 7. Jeffrey Dean Morgan has his hands full trying to bring the dynamic comic character to life.

Andrew Lincoln

The man who plays Rick Grimes has always had some kind of control over his group and himself (aside from his brush of insanity at the prison), but will finally find out what it is like to feel absolutely powerless.

Norman Reedus

Fans of The Walking Dead love to see Reedus’ character Daryl Dixon, who has been part of the program since season 1 and has made a personal vendetta against Dwight of The Saviors.

Danai Gurira

Gurira’s character of Michonne has found love with Rick Grimes, and now the sword-swinging badass will need to find a way to use her talents to help protect those she cares about from Negan’s group.

Lauren Cohan

Maggie Green is pregnant and in pain, but that’s not the scariest thing for the ambassador to The Hilltop colony right now since she’s been face to face with the barbed-wire baseball bat Lucille.

Steven Yeun

Glenn Rhee has escaped danger and survived unthinkable situations numerous times on The Walking Dead. Will luck run out for the former pizza delivery boy from Atlanta during the season 7 premiere?

Josh McDermitt

There has been a huge change in McDermitt’s character Eugene Porter since his introduction. The once timid scientist has been learning to fight and can now manufacture ammunition for the group

Michael Cudlitz

Abraham Ford is a tough character who has looked fear in the face on multiple occasions. His strength and confidence make him one of the most capable survivors on the show, but possibly a target as well.

Christian Serratos

Rosita got her heart broken by Abraham, but she’s trying to put the pieces together and be a survivor again. She might never get that opportunity though, since she faces the same possible end as any of the other characters in Negan’s lineup.

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Ross Marquand

Marquand plays Aaron on The Walking Dead. Aaron has been bonding with several members of Rick’s group in Alexandria and has a strong connection to Alexandria, fighting for its safety after accidentally giving The Wolves a map to the community.

Sonequa Martin-Green

Sasha has watched everyone close to her die since she has come into the zombie apocalypse, but seems to be opening up a bit to Abraham. Will the sharpshooting woman live to find out if love and safety are in her future?

Chandler Riggs

Carl Grimes has grown up a lot on The Walking Dead, but still has a long way to go. Hopefully Riggs will get the opportunity to continue developing the character after his meeting with Negan.

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Don’t miss the special 90-minute long edition of Talking Dead immediately following the season 7 premiere of The Walking Dead on AMC titled  ‘The Day Will Come When You Won’t Be’. It should be a fantastic episode to help fans recover from what should be a highly emotional episode.