The Walking Dead season 7 episode 2 ‘The Kingdom’ preview (Video)

Morgan Jones and Carol Peletier - The Walking Dead 702, AMC
Morgan Jones and Carol Peletier - The Walking Dead 702, AMC /

A new preview is available for AMC’s The Walking Dead season 7 episode 2 which features Carol Peletier and Morgan Jones as well as the people of The Kingdom.

The blood may still be dripping off Lucille, but The Walking Dead stops for nobody. On October 30, 2016, AMC will return with another new episode of their hit zombie survival drama, and hopefully it will be more positive than the premiere.

Episode 702 is titled “The Well” and will focus on Carol Peletier as well as Morgan Jones. It should have a very different tone from the season 7 premiere, but fans should never put anything past the deadly apocalyptic drama.

Here is the promo titled “The Kingdom” from episode 2 of season 7 from the official AMC YouTube account:

This was one of the longer promos that The Walking Dead has offered for an episode that wasn’t a premiere or finale. However, it was nice to see Morgan and Carol interacting in a community that fans haven’t gotten to know yet.

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Of course, Carol has been wounded badly by a member of The Saviors and was saved by Morgan, who shot the man multiple times. Now, Morgan is pushing her around in a wheelchair while she is healing up.

Perhaps even more important is The Kingdom, which has lots of crops, a lot of living area, and is much more peaceful and quiet than anything fans have seen recently. Waving at the people and smiling, the feeling is a positive one that is desperately needed after that season 7 finale.

Morgan and Carol both are skeptical about fitting into the community because of their history, but Morgan tells her to hush. He tells her about King Ezekiel, which makes Carol stunned for a moment. He explains that Ezekiel is unique and “does his own thing”.

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You can watch “The Well” on Sunday, October 30, 2016 on AMC. Based on this preview, The Walking Dead 702 going to be a lot of Morgan, Carol, and The Kingdom, which should make for an interesting episode as the zombie apocalypse continues to get bigger as the program goes on.