A Farewell to the Fallen: The Walking Dead season 7 premiere

Lucille. The Walking Dead. Season 7 Comic Con Trailer. AMC
Lucille. The Walking Dead. Season 7 Comic Con Trailer. AMC /

Saying goodbye to our favorite survivors on The Walking Dead is never easy, but we need say say farewell to the fallen who died in the season 7 premiere.

The Walking Dead is a brutal show where our favorite characters can die at any minute. That kind of unpredictability is what makes the hit AMC zombie survival drama such an emotional roller coaster.

Sadly, the season 7 premiere left fans with some of the biggest heartbreak in the history of the television series. Negan and The Saviors left their mark on the undead apocalypse in a big way, changing the entire path of the show in the matter of a few moments.

Of course, if you haven’t watched the season 7 premiere, do not watch these videos yet. They contain information about the loss fans endured during “The Day Will Come When you Won’t Be” and could ruin the episode.


Here is the first part of the farewell from the official AMC YouTube account:

Part 1 of the Farewell to the Fallen focused on the loss of Glenn Rhee. Flashing back to his time from season 1 as a pizza delivery boy trying to survive in the zombie apocalypse, his transformation over the years from errand boy to one of the groups most dependable characters was great television.

Of course, his relationship with Maggie was what gave fans a lot of hope. The two were separated on several occasions, and Glenn looked death in the face many times, but the lovebirds always got back together…until Negan broke them apart.

Hearing the actor who plays Glenn, Steven Yeun, thank the fans for supporting him and the show was a great way for him to say goodbye. He may be gone, but never forgotten.

And here is part two of the series, also from the official AMC YouTube channel:

Of course, that means the second video was for Abraham Ford. His one-liners and tough demeanor instantly made him a fan favorite, and although he wasn’t with the show as long as Glenn, losing him was one of the most painful moments yet.

But the story of Abraham was both heartbreaking and inspiring. Losing his family only to eventually feel like part of another one was fantastic storytelling and his complicated relationships along the way made the character even more complex.

In the video, Michael Cudlitz showed a lot of appreciation for the support of his character, whether it was for the times he made fans laugh, cheer, or cry. There will never be another Abraham, he’s just far too unique of a character.

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Losing both Glenn and Abraham in one episode is a huge blow to fans of the series as well as the characters on the show. Now, the survivors will need to find a way to move past this traumatic ordeal and continue to live their lives without two of the toughest individuals in the history of The Walking Dead.