Talking Dead guests for The Walking Dead 702 on October 30th

Talking Dead. Chris Hardwick. AMC
Talking Dead. Chris Hardwick. AMC /

Which guests will be joining Talking Dead host Chris Hardwick on October 30, 2016 to discuss episode 702 of AMC’s The Walking Dead titled ‘The Well’?

Last week, Chris Hardwick helped fans through the hard times of the season 7 premiere of The Walking Dead. Hopefully, this week the host of Talking Dead will have some lighter things to discuss during the program.

On October 30, 2016, AMC will air a new episode of The Walking Dead titled ‘The Well’, which is the second installment of season 7. According to the preview released by AMC, this episode will move the attention away from The Saviors and introduce everyone to a new group of survivors with an eccentric leader.

That means fans will need to discuss these new characters and figure out what is happening with some survivors who weren’t part of The Saviors’ lineup.

Here are the guests who are scheduled to appear on Talking Dead on October 30th according to the official AMC website:

Khary Payton

One of the worst kept secrets in the world of The Walking Dead has been the introduction of The Kingdom. Led by King Ezekiel with his pet Shiva by his side, the new community should be a major point in the story moving forward. Payton plays Ezekiel, a larger than life personality who is unlike anything fans have seen on the show.

Dana Gould

“There is no Dana only Gould.” Thankfully, Mr. Gould’s jokes are far funnier than that. He has worked as a stand-up comedian and writer on major networks like HBO, Showtime, and Comedy Central. He also has a popular streaming show called The Dana Gould Hour Podcast which lasts about…60 minutes or so.

Chloe Bennet

Fans of superheroes are likely very familiar with the work of Bennet. She is best known for her role as Daisy Johnson on the AMC program Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. but also had a recurring role on the popular show Nashville. She will provide the point of view of a fan of the hit zombie survival series on the program.

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With a comedian, an actress, and a cast member, this Sunday’s episode of Talking Dead looks to be one of the most well-rounded in recent history. And, of course, they should have plenty to talk about after episode 702 of The Walking Dead on October 30, 2016.