Steven Yeun works as Conan’s stand-in after The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead actor Steven Yeun on Conan - TBS
The Walking Dead actor Steven Yeun on Conan - TBS /

It didn’t take Steven Yeun long to find work on the popular TBS show Conan after his character Glenn’s death on AMC’s zombie drama The Walking Dead.

Steven Yeun was a part of 7 seasons of television on AMC’s The Walking Dead. Sadly, his character Glenn Rhee met a bitter end at the hand of Negan during the season 7 premiere on Sunday’s episode.

Now, Yeun  is looking for a new gig to help pass the time following his exit from the hit AMC drama. Thankfully, the fantastic actor knows that there is one place he can always go where he is welcome: Conan.

Not only did Yeun visit Conan on Thursday, October 27, 2017, but he also found himself a job working to prepare for new episodes of the TBS program. Check out the video here from the official Team Coco YouTube channel:

Steven surprised Conan, telling him that his new job was standing in for the popular talk show host during the rehearsals. But the tape from his efforts during the taping of the pre-show didn’t exactly make it look like Yeun was ready for the talk show circuit quite yet.

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Expressing frustration with his directions, cards, and crew, the rehearsals got back on track when the former The Walking Dead actor did some self-reassurances in a mirror and teased his hair to look more like Conan O’Brien’s.

Yeun gets himself a red wig to look more like Conan and then asks the show’s sidekick about how it looks. But, instead of Andy Richter being in the chair beside him, it was another former actor on The Walking Dead who played Abraham Ford, Michael Cudlitz.

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It was great to see the two actors from The Walking Dead on the same screen together even though it has only been less than a week since the devastating season 7 premiere. Magical things happen on Conan, which can be seen weeknights at 11 pm/10c on TBS.