Talked about scene from The Walking Dead 702: ‘The Well’

King Ezekiel and Carol - The Walking Dead, AMC
King Ezekiel and Carol - The Walking Dead, AMC /

The Walking Dead season 7 episode 2 ‘The Well’ gave fans some memorable scenes, but none are more talked about than one with King Ezekiel and Carol.

There were many fantastic moments from the second episode of The Walking Dead‘s seventh season. Without having a firm grounding in reality, there were many moments that felt surreal to viewers.

Despite there being tigers, jokers with a great sense of humor, walker eating pigs, and more, there was one scene that AMC says fans just can’t stop discussing after watching “The Well” on Sunday, October 30, 2016.

Here is the scene that everyone is talking about from The Walking Dead 702 titled ‘The Well’ as shared on the official AMC YouTube account:

This was one of the most beautiful scenes in recent history on The Walking Dead. Having a new character and an established one share such a personal moment free of bias, lies, and B.S. was a very refreshing change from the season 7 premiere.

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Not only that, but King Ezekiel seems like such a genuine guy when he lets his hair down and stops putting on his royal act for the people of The Kingdom. Every word he says sounds genuine and passionate, even if he does currently live in one of the most ridiculous settlements on the show.

Carol needed to hear what Ezekiel told her, but the opposite was also true. Seeing Carol struggle the way she was opened up the leader of The Kingdom in a way that truly endeared him to fans during this interesting and fun episode.

While “The Well” was an excellent episode of The Walking Dead, all eyes are already turning to Sunday, November 6, 2016 when a new episode of the zombie survival drama airs on AMC. Don’t miss it!