Talking Dead “The Cell” recap: You’re on Easy Street

Sherry (Christine Evangelista) and Daryl Dixon (Norman Reedus) in Episode 3Photo by Gene Page/AMC
Sherry (Christine Evangelista) and Daryl Dixon (Norman Reedus) in Episode 3Photo by Gene Page/AMC /

On this episode of Talking Dead, Chris Hardwick and friends discuss The Walking Dead episode “The Cell.” Let’s take a look at the episode and what we learned.

It’s a great day for The Walking Dead fans when the “surprise guest” on Talking Dead turns out to be just that—a surprise guest. That doesn’t mean someone died, and in tonight’s case the special guest was Sherry herself, Christine Evangelista. Writer and comedian Scott Aukerman joined Evangelista on the couch to discuss tonight’s episode of The Walking Dead, “The Cell.”

Evangelista started out with a story about how she auditioned for the part without knowing what role she was auditioning for or how the role fit into the storyline. In fact, she taped the audition at her house and sent it in, and before long she was heading to the set to film. Even then, there was no explanation of the role or how long this character would be around. She hear someone call her character “Sher” at the end of her episode in Season 6, so she went home and read the comics and discovered who she was playing. Evangelista hoped the show would explore the character in depth in Season 7, and lo and behold it’s happening.

In a taped segment, Jeffrey Dean Morgan discusses how Negan has the people around him on a string, including Dwight. Morgan notes that Dwight has been through a lot and he’s still going through a lot as a result.

Evangelista discusses Sherry’s feelings toward Dwight. In her opinion, Sherry believes that Dwight has crossed a line and killed someone but she sees in Daryl someone strong enough to stay the course. Aukerman comments that Dwight passing up Negan’s offer to sleep with Sherry again was a test of Dwight’s loyalty, along with the negative pregnancy test. Aukerman suspects that Dwight has started to consider his former wife to be dead in order to process what happened and deal with it. Evangelista says that more than anything, Sherry feels shame when Dwight sees her in the doctor’s office because that is her new reality. She is with Negan, and the pregnancy test is a reminder of what they might have had.

Jeffrey Dean Morgan has another taped segment where he talks about the new fan experiences he’s having. In one memorable story a 70 year old woman came up and told him what she thought of him. “I think I have to prepare myself more for that kind of fan reaction about what an a**hole I am.”

In an interview with Norma Reedus, Reedus talks about how Daryl believes he deserves to be in that cell because of what happened with Glenn. He’s choosing to suffer as penance for the chain of events that led to Negan selecting another victim. It will be a while before he comes out of this.

In a behind the scenes clip we see how they filmed the scene of the Walker falling on Dwight. There were no special effects used, rather a stuntwoman jumped into an airbag for the stunt. The goal in that scene was to create the story that a car plunged off the bridge and made a hole in the guard rail, and since that time random Walkers have been falling to their deaths and crawling around.

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And if you’re curious (or a glutton for punishment) the song “Easy Street” is by a group called The Collapsible Hearts Club and is not available for purchase. Sorry to all of those who might be upset by that….

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