The Walking Dead 703 talked about scene: ‘Who are you?’

Norman Reedus as Daryl Dixon - The Walking Dead, AMC
Norman Reedus as Daryl Dixon - The Walking Dead, AMC /

In the most talked about scene from The Walking Dead episode 703 ‘The Cell’, Daryl gets asked what his name is and his answer frustrates Negan.

There were a lot of interesting moments from The Walking Dead on Sunday, November 6, 2016. In an episode that focused on the The Saviors home and the hopeful transformation of Daryl into one of Negan’s henchmen, there were bound to be some powerful scenes.

One of the most powerful scenes came near the end of episode 703 titled “The Cell” when Negan went face to face with Daryl in hopes that he would join The Saviors. He gave Daryl one test, and the results of that test could have big implications on all the characters.

Here is the scene in question from “The Cell” titled “Who Are You” as hosted on the official YouTube account of AMC:

Dwight goes to fetch Daryl from his holding cell, only to find him laying next to the photo of Glenn’s smashed head and what appears to be a pile of vomit.

Next, Daryl is seen being led into a room where Negan is waiting for them. Dwight has his crossbow, acting as an enforcer for the leader of The Saviors. Negan says Carson will fix Daryl up, and then offers a beverage to his prisoner.

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Realizing that Daryl’s beat down made an impact on his jaw, Negan sends Dwight to get him a straw. That is when Negan takes the time to tell Daryl the story of how Dwight got his role in the group, how his face got burnt, and some of the sacrifices he made to keep him and his wife Sherry safe.

Using Lucille, Negan intimidates Daryl through the story, letting him know that the best way to survive in The Sanctuary is to follow the rules and do as told. Negan says he thinks Daryl can be a great asset to him like Dwight is, but asks him the one question he asks all his henchmen: “Who are you?”

Of course, Negan wanted to hear Daryl say the he is Negan. Instead, Daryl says his name is Daryl.

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Daryl’s defiance will keep him in Negan’s doghouse, but it will be interesting to see what the next steps will be for The Saviors will be when it comes to their hostage and the impact he can have on the people of Alexandria in upcoming episodes of The Walking Dead.