Talking Dead is looking for the biggest fan of The Walking Dead

Greg Raiewski, Josh McDermitt, and Christian Serratos - Talking Dead, AMC
Greg Raiewski, Josh McDermitt, and Christian Serratos - Talking Dead, AMC /

For the second year, Talking Dead has issued their search for the biggest fan of The Walking Dead, who will get the chance to show off their knowledge.

Last year, schoolteacher Greg Raiewski was named the ultimate fan of The Walking Dead and earned the right to meet several members of the show’s cast and crew as well as appear on Talking Dead.

This year, the contest is running again. AMC is searching for the fan who can be knowledgeable, entertaining, and interesting to represent themselves during a broadcast of Talking Dead and be named the second annual Ultimate Fan.

If you’re a massive fan of The Walking Dead and would like to make a submission to be in the running to win this contest, here are the rules as shared on the official Talking Dead page on

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"STEP 1 – Be a huge fan who knows everything there is to know about both The Walking Dead and Talking Dead.STEP 2 – Record a video of yourself that will convince us that you’d be the best guest on Talking Dead. Express your fandom, share your opinions, and show off your excitement for all things The Walking Dead.STEP 3 – Submit your video via email at"

The best videos will be shared on Talking Dead‘s website, where once again fans will be voting to find a winner. Here is what AMC says about the voting:

"“Online voting begins December 11, 2016. Although the Producers may take online voting results into account, the ultimate decision rests with the Producers.”"

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More information on the search for The Ultimate Fan of The Walking Dead will be shared on Sunday, November 13, 2016 when Talking Dead will likely promote the contest again. However, we know Undead Walking has many great, hardcore fans who would be perfect for this opportunity and would like to encourage them to enter the contest.